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Learn About The Three Common Nursing Courses And Select The Best One For You

24/07/2011 15:18

It is obvious that the quality of education that an individual gets can practically figure out how successful she or he can be in the future. Employment has become a concern for people. There are so many people searching for decent jobs, but there always doesn’t seem to be adequate jobs for everybody. However, selecting your course in college wisely can do a lot in assuring that you won’t have a lot of difficulty getting a great job eventually. That is why it's important for younger adults to find the suitable course to study in university. Nursing courses will always be regarded as a better choice simply because of the employment opportunities that a nursing graduate has.

If you are thinking of being a nurse for your career, then you need to be aware first of the three most in demand nursing programs nowadays. Not many people recognize that the field of nursing is a huge one and that a student would have to select early which program he or she will take. The top three nursing programs nowadays are: Registered Nursing Program (RN), Nursing Assistant Programs (NA) as well as Licensed Practical Nursing Program (LPN). The biggest difference among these nursing programs is the time it will take to complete them.

Most of us believe that all nursing courses take up to four years to finish. But the truth is that it actually differs based on the nursing program a person is taking. The RN program needs 3 to 4 years to complete while the LPN program only takes a year up to 18 months to complete, and the NA program has the period of 3 to six months. In terms of the responsibilities of these types of nurses, there is a great deal of difference naturally. More often than not, nurses who take the simplest or quickest programs have simpler job descriptions but less job opportunities.

A registered nurse has the most and biggest duty in the group. The duties assigned to registered nurses are more sensitive, such as insertion of medications like antibiotics, steroids, electrolytes, and so on. These nurses are also required to provide more advanced hospital procedures and patient care. As a matter of fact, registered nurses are assigned to manage the work of licensed practical nurses.

Licensed practical nursing graduates, alternatively, are the ones taking care of patients who are in need of basic care. They are the ones who check a patient’s vital signs such as pulse, temperature, perspirations, and so on. Nursing assistants are more on the technical side of nursing. It's very clear that registered nurses are the ones with higher qualifications as well as better skills, in case you are looking to become a nurse, think several times about the nursing courses available today.


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